Dale denhart here 25 year roofing veteran in the great state of Texas. What I can tell you for sure about roofing could fit in the back if you’re big Dodge dually and spill over to your fifth wheel that you’re Pullen behind. In other words I’ve learned a lot over the 25 years here putting on roofs under the blazen summer sun of Texas.

Trying to boil everything down to what makes the most sense to my readers over the years is allowed me to have some fun with titles of my blog being somewhat catchy. Today I chose local weather fluctuations require annual roofing inspection as the title because of what we’ve been experiencing this summer of 2022.

You don’t have to live out far out north in Selma or under a rock to know that we’ve been experiencing weather patterns this last summer that have been totally different from years past. Yes of course on a local level it seems like it’s always hot here in the summer but if you’ve been watching the news you seen how fluctuating temperatures and weather patterns throughout the world have been a common theme that we’ve all been witnessing not only this year but in the last several years as well.

We don’t need to argue about climate change and if it’s brought on by big oil or if it’s just a natural part of the world but what we can agree on is the fact that we all want to be financially secure and not liable for large replacement values like a roof.

With damages that have been ensuing throughout the country on homeowners insurance companies have been under the squeeze and feeling it financially because of all of the payouts they’ve been working through. The one thing I can tell you is as insurance companies continue to feel the hit financially from the payouts a couple things will happen. Number one we will see our insurance rates be adjusted and typically not in the adjustment direction we want them to. Insurance for your roof and homeowners insurance will certainly increase as the different areas become reassessed for risk. As that happens simultaneously insurance companies will make it more difficult for full replacement for roofs or damages by trying to find small loopholes that hold you up. It’s imperative to protect yourself by doing a couple things and here’s a simple one that I always say every year by riding a blog just like this. Free roof inspection! Yes here is an annual thing you should do just like getting any type of other annual maintenance that you consider for your home. Just like a furnace inspection which I suggest an annual attention be made your roofing is the most expensive part of your house that is insurable and easily protected by having a professional come and do a thorough walk around. Typically a good roofing company is more than happy to come up take a look at the roof and photograph any damages that may appear. Having a professional roofer look at your roof annually and keeping that information handy in the event of a large storm or potential damage is a great way to keep yourself protected through accurate and up-to-date documentation. Also during this time you want to review your homeowner’s policy and really understand what it says about damage to your roof. There are many different insurance companies with many different policies.

Even if you have the same insurance company as someone else not only is there a policy that could be potentially different for you but there could be multiple policies with more or less coverage. The average roof in 2021 in the San Antonio Texas area was said to be between ten and 15,000. Establishing a relationship with a reliable roofer and getting some documentation for the health check up your roof deserves is an absolute smart idea. Be smart listen to Dale and do what you got to do.